Spank Boy Archie

Time for another update today! Don’t you forgot that awesome spanking gay porn action I wrote about couple monthes ago? That was about hot spank boy Archie that takes invitation of dominative friend comes to his home. It was a little bit painful for his ass, because it was totally and brutally spanked. And what’s new about Archie? I’ve got video tapes from this spank initiation.

boy's ass got spanked

So you can watch it for your pleasure and satisfaction. Watch how submissive spank boy Archie takes all was done with his ass. Bad boy was roughly spanked and his skin got red colour of scars. Oh! Such a painful execution of twink ass, just a sweet torture of spank boy! His ass is turned into mess and he search for expiation of his horny sins. Wait my boy! Your atonement will be painful!

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