Gay Bath Pleasure

Archie is a twink who barely has pubic hair on his body. He’s got raging teenage hormones and is constantly horny all the time. When there’s no cock around, Archie loves to play with his own cock. In this shower scene you can see Archie washing off his beautiful lean body and then rinsing off as the water trickles down his skin. His cock is hard and he begins to pump himself in the shower. As the warm water runs down his dick, he strokes it slowly in long firm strokes as it gets hard under his touch.

gay boy pleasure at bathroom

Then he goes a little faster as the blood rushes to his extremities. Archie is then full on jerking himself off under the water as his cock is weeping for some penetration, but there is no one around to fuck. So this sexy twink continues to pleasure himself under the water as he feels the wet drops running down his skin. Archie continues to masturbate as his cock has become so engorged that he can barely hold it in any longer. Then he lets an orgasm spread like fire over his body as he cums.

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