Archie’s Sugar Baby

Archie is a twink that has a sugar daddy that takes care of all of his needs. Including his special needs in the bedroom. The two of them love to play together and his gorgeous lean body is almost too much for the older man to handle. He makes out with his daddy and then goes down to suck his cock. Archie loves having an older man inside of his mouth. He dreams about giving head to older guys and wrapping his lips around his hard cock.

archie sugar baby

Archie bobs up and down on him, servicing him with his mouth as they sit there on the couch. Then while his daddy bends over, Archie gives him a hard anal pounding from behind while the lad has him on all fours. He fucks him bareback as they don’t use condoms and just a little bit of lube. It’s a tight fit, but Archie slowly works his way into the older man’s ass. They both continue to fuck until Archie can’t hold it any longer and the lad empties his nut sack. He always has hot fun playing with his daddy and the two of them fuck on the couch.

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