Archie taking a shower and massaging penis

On this summer vacations Archie is free like a bird in an ocean. All classes are finished ’till september and parents gone on job everyday in the morning. He is young and he has a lot of time, so why not to make some pleasure? That was first day when our cameraman meet Archie and that day twink boy made couple of photoshots. That day he makes shot that you can check in the previous post Introduction Archie 19. But before going outdoor for making photos Archie said - I need to look good and feel good. I need to take a shower. So let’s go to my flat. Oldies are on job so all appartments are free.

archie twink taking shower in has flat he soaps his body

When they came to his flat Archie goes to his bathroom and sounds of dpopping water flies from this room. That was little boringly for our cameraman and he asks - How are there, Archie! And answer was - I’m OK! Come in and check it! - laughs Archie.

warm water flows on his young gay body

So why loose our time if we can make another shot. Let it be homemade or amateur, but it will be cool. And Archie starts to wash his body. He slowly soaps his neck and pretty twink breasts, massage legs with foam. Washing away soap from his skin Archie said that he likes when warm water jets fall between his legs. It tickles his young cock and warm little balls.

his cock's head gives few crystal drops of cum

And now, said Archie, before get drained my sking I need to drain my little friend. It makes me feel much better. Said this he takes his petite cock in hand and made few movements. On his clean palms appeared crystal drops of young semen! Archie washed traces of cum from his cock, then smiled. He said, My parents don’t even suppose what I’m doing here!

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