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Archie meets up with a good friend of his out in the woods for a little hardcore gay anal sex. No one knows about their afternoon trysts as they fuck amongst the flowers right outside in public. They could get caught by anyone passing by but that only makes the sex more adventurous and carefree. His friend took his cock into his mouth and gave him a deepthroat blowjob, then as he kneeled on the mat, Archie started to pound into him nice and rough.

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He is just barely 19 and knows how to fuck, but he really gave his friend a good drilling as he pounded him into the grass. His balls slapped against his friend’s ass and it was rhythm to his ears as the two lads fucked in the forest. Archie is a sexy twink that has raging hormones and he is always finding someone to fuck after school. The two of them went at it until each of them came in long spurts of jizz all over each other. Archie and his friend then got their clothes on and both of them went home without telling anyone about their affair outside.

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